son-of-a-gun 09:04 30 May 04


I wonder if anyone can help please, I recently changed my PC to an AMD64. 3400+ with twin 160GB SATA drives on a VIA controller.
When I had the PC new, in my computer 2 Hds were visible, C & D. not sure of the set up, ((SATA, PATA RAID) wise. Sorry I’m having problem getting my head round these names.)

Never having had twin SATA drives before I was trying to figure out how to recover in the event a potential disaster, trying set-ups from RAID stripping, RAID Mirror, & RAID JAOD which once you get the hang of it seems no major problem.
But with all these set ups only one hard drive is visible in my computer.
The only problem I seem to have is getting back to the original set-up, showing 2 Hds in my computer C & D any help would be much appreciated.

  son-of-a-gun 19:21 30 May 04

Hello, is there anyone there.

  Rayuk 19:25 30 May 04

Have you disabled raid in the bios?

  son-of-a-gun 19:40 30 May 04

Rayuk Thanks

Not sure,I'll take a look, should this be set to RAID or SATA?

  alnwrd 20:43 30 May 04

you don't say whether you have been "fiddling" inside the box. If so you may have dislodged one of the sata cables. Presumably one drive needs to be set as a slave as in pata drives. Also is your bios set correctly for sata drives.

  Rayuk 21:26 30 May 04

Both drives would be set as master as they will be on different connecters.

  Rayuk 21:27 30 May 04

What motherboard are you using

  son-of-a-gun 00:00 31 May 04

Rayuk I had disabled RAID in the BIOS but when I enabled RAID or SATA the PC is searching for Realtek Fast Track which it cannot find saying BIOS not installed.

I have not disconnected anything, the two 160gig drives show up as one 320Gig single drive.

The Mobo is a

Thanks all

  Rayuk 08:55 31 May 04

Have you installed the sata driver?
The drives are showing up as raid0 at the moment,
have to shoot out will have another lookin later

ps If you have installed the os on Raid you will have to start again,make sure you copy sata drivers to floppy first

  son-of-a-gun 12:42 31 May 04

Hi Rayuk
Re enabled one at a time SATA then RAID, in BIOS in Intergrated periferals, but using the Promise 376/378 when loading Windows it does not find any Hds.
I think this is caused by the missing Realtek Fast Track thing, it's always telling me it's not in the BIOS


  Rayuk 12:48 31 May 04

After you ave set up the Raid0 array then booted to instal windows have you pressed F6 during set up to instal the raid drivers.

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