SATA HDD shows in XP Hardware List as SCSI !

  Giggle n' Bits 23:09 10 Jun 05

Can someone please confirm if a SATA HDD installed as a only HDD in WinXP should show as a SCSI Drive ?

Also isn't a SATA HDD when fitted suppose to be listed as the full size e;g right click on pie chart for a 120GB HDD showing as 111GB or is this normal.

Ta in advance for your call.

  josie mayhem 23:30 10 Jun 05

What showing for your hhd size ia about right. My 120GB sata only shows as 114GB's. It is partly due to how they calculate the bytes size a GB isn't a 10000 but something like 10024 or something like that. and you lose some when setting up for some strange reason, I always seem to loose a 8MB into a very small partiton.

Concerning how xp reads the drive type, I can't seem to get into the hardware bit at the moment, but if I remember rightly my sata hhd also shows up as a scsi drive.

As long as it works I shouldn't worry about it.

  Gaz 25 23:42 10 Jun 05

Yes, above response was correct.

It does show up as less, and it probably will show up as SCSI.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:52 10 Jun 05

everything seems to be fine, now with this SATA drive and working A OK. On the Asus Motherboard CD when you insert it into the drive the auto play comes up and there is a RAID SATA driver, my HDD is a stand alone SATA HDD so I take it this driver is not needed so I just install the Via 4in1, Audio & USB 2.0

  ashdav 00:34 11 Jun 05

No need to install USB drivers as XP already has them. You can get an updated audio driver from VIA click here It has a better interface and more functions.

  ashdav 00:38 11 Jun 05

The above link takes you to the drivers home page. select XP then Audio then scroll down the window to the AC97.....8237 Southbridge.

  ashdav 00:46 11 Jun 05

Should put all this in one post.. The RAID driver is if you are installing more than one HDD. SATA is a form of SCSI drive. There are 2 reasons why your hard drive appears to have less space: 1) Part of the disc contains info on where there are any faulty segments and how it is partioned. It's a map if you like. 2)1Kb is actually 1024b. Divide your disc capacity by 1.024 then you get nearer the actual figure.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:17 11 Jun 05

now I can move on to the modem problem.

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