Sata Hard Drive question.

  ribo 11:30 05 Jan 07

I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe M/B.
It has, according to the manual,
"SATA serial ATA Connections (2x7-pin PRI_SATA1,SEC_SATA 1)."
At the moment I am using an EDI connected Hard Drive and was wondering if I can fit a new Sata drive. I f so, I am not sure about Sata 150 and sata 300. Which would I need.? Also can anyone tell me please if I would be able to clone this ide HDD onto the Sata Drive (provided I can use one) using Aconis. This one is 40GB and I would like a 160 GB Sata HDD.
XP Home SP 2. I GB Ram.
Thank you. J

  ribo 14:07 05 Jan 07

Any Takers? J

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:15 05 Jan 07

Looks like a SATA 1 controller.

SATA 2 (SATA 300) is not backwards compatible with a SATA (SATA 150) controller.
In order to use a SATA 2 drive on a SATA (SATA 1?) controller, the hard drive must have a jumper position to restrict it to using SATA (SATA 150), and a jumper must be installed.
Some drives have the jumper position available (e.g. some recent Samsung), some don't (e.g. some recent Maxtor).
This information can also probably be easily found on your hard drive manufacturer's web site.
If your drive does not have the jumper position available, you must return it and get a SATA 2 one that does, or a SATA drive.

  ribo 14:41 05 Jan 07

Thank you.Am I correct. Are you saying that as long as I buy a Sata Drive ( will this be a SATA 150? in other words are there 3 Sata Drive. ie Sata, Sata 150 and Sata 300.
Do you know anything about cloning? J

  ribo 10:10 10 Jan 07

Not exactly resolved. I decided I would stick to an IDE. At least I know what I am doing. J

  ForestChav 13:27 10 Jan 07

Sata is easier than IDE. Unless you have a jumper telling it NOT to SATA-II (Sata-300, some older boards don't support it, mine doesn't) then all you do is plug in the data and power cables, no jumpers, and it works.

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