SATA and Gigabyte problems

  beakie99 17:52 25 Mar 04

I installed xp pro on my new system. No drivers for sata drive(maxtor6Y120) come with my moboard. heard some mobos come armed with drivers on a floppy for u to press f6 when loading on windows. installation went fine without using f6. up and running to find that sandra reports my drive is not running as fast as it should. dma 5 100mbs to be precise.

why has windows recognised it as a ultra ata drive. in my book (mobo) it seems to tell me to set to boot from scsi in bios as it covers sata as well. But then what? please help!

mother board is a giga byte ga 8ipe 1000 pro 2 sata enabled with no raid

  cycoze 17:57 25 Mar 04

The drivers for SATA should be on the motherboard cd , you would need to copy these to a floppy disk to install on setup.

  beakie99 17:59 25 Mar 04

meaning i have to reformat?

  Rayuk 18:11 25 Mar 04

Am not sure how you managed to instal WinXP without installing the drivers during setup.

Have you tried installing drivers while in windows?

  cycoze 18:12 25 Mar 04

If you managed to load Windows ok , you could just load the drivers from the Mobo Cd and reboot, personally if it was my machine i would start again and reformat etc.

  cycoze 18:14 25 Mar 04

Gigabyte manual will tell you how to lift the SATA drivers and how to install them.

  Stormpool 18:15 25 Mar 04

You can update a device in dev man using the S-ATA drivers supplied by manufacturer. Cannot see on my pc which device it might be.. something to do with system devices...

  beakie99 18:16 25 Mar 04

yes not having it . windows has seemed to perceive my drive is a ultra one as its installed ultra ata controllers not serial. giga byte boards dont seem to come with the drives on a seperate floppy. asus and others do. cheers

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