sata external hard drive

  henry2 09:39 24 Oct 10

Hi guys,
i have connected an externel sata hard drive to y pc(ide peripherarals)but the external drive does not show,is it it is sata.Does it aen i have to connect it to a sata pc before it will work.Thank you.
Or there could be something else i can do.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:33 24 Oct 10

Is it connected by sata cable to PC or by usb?

if sata cable you may need to enable some sata ports in the BIOS

  jamesd1981 11:47 29 Oct 10

has the drive been formatted, if its brand new unformatted, it may not show up in windows till you format it to a filesystem

  henry2 13:47 29 Oct 10

Hi Fruit Bat,
It is connected by usb to the pc.But when i tried it on another destop pc(sata peripherals)it showed up but was requiring drivers for it to work.Does that mean it can only work on the sata pc?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:41 29 Oct 10

USB external drive SATA or IDE should not require any drivers other than those built into windows XP and above.

It may be a power problem and you need to connect an external power supply or another USB cable to the external drive


A device driver problem
click here
usbdeview wil show all usb devices connected or not on your system

with the drive discconect use usbdeview to remove all usb device driver s shown as not connected
reboot the machine
reconnect the drive
windows should find and install new hardware to install the drive.

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