sata and ata mix

  KPC 12:48 12 Oct 08

i have an asus board that takes sata and ata hard drives. sata 1 is the main (C) drive but the ata is going to be the slave (D), which jumper setting would be best, master or slave. i also keep getting recycle bin on d is corrupted, do you wish to empty the bin, but it wont and i cant format it.i have the jumper set to master at this time and there is nothing on this drive.

  Shuffty 13:14 12 Oct 08

There is no master and slave with sata it you have jumper pins on the sata drive it is to set it to sata 1 if that is all your board supports.
I would put the ata drive as master on the primary ide controller

  KPC 13:22 12 Oct 08

cheers for that, yes, thats what i have it set at but i keep getting this anoying message "recycle bin on D is corrupt, do you wish to empty the bin, do you know what thats all about, there is nothing on this drive and i cant format it to clean it.

  Shuffty 16:17 12 Oct 08

Try this

When dragging an item to the recycle bin, Windows generates an error message indicating that the recycle bin is corrupt. Use the following steps to resolve this issue.
NOTE: After you get the corrupt Recycle Bin message, files put in the Recycle Bin will not appear in it. Follow the steps below before continuing to use the Recycle Bin.

Open a command prompt window, click Start , All Programs , Accessories , then click Command Prompt .
2. At the Command Prompt, type the following:
rd /s c:\recycled
Press Y , then press Enter to confirm that you want to delete the directory.
Reboot the computer.

The Recycle Bin should now work correctly.

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