Sat Navs- does the soft ware come built in or do you ' rent it'

  SparkyJack 08:53 08 May 12

I have oft thought after another episode of getting lost - 'Get a Sat Nav'. After a day or so the feeling wears off. A rectn trip got me lost in the maze of NE London and I really got searching - for a 'Sat Nav' that is. I came across the this one

enter link description here

Reading the spe., however it seeemed to indicate that the item comes with a 'trial version of the software for3 months and there after you pay. Is this right? Is it true for all?

  SparkyJack 08:56 08 May 12

That link did not work

Google this

www.Morgan Computers - Navman Mio Spirit 380Sold my

  birdface 08:58 08 May 12

Normally if you want to update it after the 3 months you would have to pay a yearly conscription.That is the way it was 8 years ago so I would imagine it is the same today.

Maybe the updates are free nowadays.

  birdface 09:02 08 May 12

Going with the price of it it cannot be that good.Good enough for normal use I suppose.

  muddypaws 09:11 08 May 12

Tom Tom, for instance, are currently charging about £70 for 18 months worth of map updates, but the sat nav comes with a full set of maps. Had my Version 2 for about 5 years and been very pleased with it. I have only ever purchased one map update. I still get free speed camera updates regularly for some reason. Will be testing it on holiday in Dorset soon.

Personally I haven't heard of trial maps before.

  morddwyd 09:48 08 May 12

Don;t forget to consider the mobile phone route.

If your going to buy a device anyway think of a smartphone.

They come with sat nav built in for nothing, but also have various downloadable apps.

You also have all the other benefits, of course.

  spuds 10:06 08 May 12

I have an old Navman F20,which is a superb bit of kit, that usually gets me where I want to go (at least it tells me what road or location I am at). If you check the internet, there are websites that offer 'free' or low cost updates for certain sat-navs, personally I have only updated mine once, and that was a freebie update. I would also mention that Navman (which was bought out or merged with another company) offers great after-sales customer service.

A couple of suggestions to consider, is that I would get a larger screen, because 3.5 is now a lower limit, and if the eyes are not good, then the bigger size will help a lot. Secondly, don't be tempted to buy second-hand, because batteries might be a problem, which will add to the cost, if you have to buy a replacement.

If you want a demo, then try somewhere like Halfords, who have regular special offers on sat-navs, and will demonstrate and set-up the item for you.

  BT 11:20 08 May 12

I have an old Navman F20,which is a superb bit of kit

Same as mine. Does the job without lots of updates, and as long as you aren't doing a vast amount of travelling it has all the information most people need for everyday use.

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