Sat Navs- does the soft ware come built in or do you ' rent it'

  SparkyJack 08 May 12

I have oft thought after another episode of getting lost - 'Get a Sat Nav'. After a day or so the feeling wears off. A rectn trip got me lost in the maze of NE London and I really got searching - for a 'Sat Nav' that is. I came across the this one

enter link description here

Reading the spe., however it seeemed to indicate that the item comes with a 'trial version of the software for3 months and there after you pay. Is this right? Is it true for all?

  SparkyJack 08 May 12

That link did not work

Google this

www.Morgan Computers - Navman Mio Spirit 380Sold my

  buteman 08 May 12

Normally if you want to update it after the 3 months you would have to pay a yearly conscription.That is the way it was 8 years ago so I would imagine it is the same today.

Maybe the updates are free nowadays.

  buteman 08 May 12

Going with the price of it it cannot be that good.Good enough for normal use I suppose.

  muddypaws 08 May 12

Tom Tom, for instance, are currently charging about £70 for 18 months worth of map updates, but the sat nav comes with a full set of maps. Had my Version 2 for about 5 years and been very pleased with it. I have only ever purchased one map update. I still get free speed camera updates regularly for some reason. Will be testing it on holiday in Dorset soon.

Personally I haven't heard of trial maps before.

  morddwyd 08 May 12

Don;t forget to consider the mobile phone route.

If your going to buy a device anyway think of a smartphone.

They come with sat nav built in for nothing, but also have various downloadable apps.

You also have all the other benefits, of course.

  spuds 08 May 12

I have an old Navman F20,which is a superb bit of kit, that usually gets me where I want to go (at least it tells me what road or location I am at). If you check the internet, there are websites that offer 'free' or low cost updates for certain sat-navs, personally I have only updated mine once, and that was a freebie update. I would also mention that Navman (which was bought out or merged with another company) offers great after-sales customer service.

A couple of suggestions to consider, is that I would get a larger screen, because 3.5 is now a lower limit, and if the eyes are not good, then the bigger size will help a lot. Secondly, don't be tempted to buy second-hand, because batteries might be a problem, which will add to the cost, if you have to buy a replacement.

If you want a demo, then try somewhere like Halfords, who have regular special offers on sat-navs, and will demonstrate and set-up the item for you.

  BT 08 May 12

I have an old Navman F20,which is a superb bit of kit

Same as mine. Does the job without lots of updates, and as long as you aren't doing a vast amount of travelling it has all the information most people need for everyday use.


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