SAS shows many Adware cookies

  Muergo 17:51 16 Nov 11

SAS which I have on a regular timed scan shows up Adware cookies as threats, but can they do any harm at all. I routinely delete them all as they were described as threats but am I deleting something which might be useful if left on. I wish there was a way for the program to differentiate between real nasty threats and not marketing tools if that's all they are.

  rdave13 18:15 16 Nov 11

Select custom scan and you can untick cookies.

  Muergo 18:29 16 Nov 11

OK rdave, but would that lower the security level?, what I want to know is if there could be any malware in these cookies or are they all harmless?

  rdave13 18:34 16 Nov 11

There could be malware that's why I run in default mode and delete all it finds.

  john bunyan 18:39 16 Nov 11

I delete all SAS tracking cookies, in fact I use CCleaner as well which deletes all cookies and I find no problems. I have Spywareblaster as well, and have (in IE9) implimented Tools/ Safety /Tracking Protection and have installed a couple of the blockers on offer. All this has reduced the tracking cookies found by SAS to about 2.

  Muergo 18:57 16 Nov 11

Thanks a lot rdave and john b, that's all I wanted to know, I'll go along with you and keep monitoring and deleting them, I don't know why so many get through for SAS to pick up unless they are via Firefox, I am running FF as well as IE9 because of continuing graphisc problems with FF.

I am a bit wary of CCleaner as I overdeleted once and lost some files I needed to keep, I'm not fussy about getting every bit of disc space available as this new (ish) PC I bought has a 1Tb hard drive which is way over what I need.

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