medicine hat 15:52 23 Apr 03

I was just wondering what the effect of SARS is likely to have on the PC industry. With most components made in China these days and the Chinese dropping like flies, I suspect prices are going to rise significantly as stock levels over here fall due to companies not able to make and export anything. Or am I being a doom merchant?

  Mysticnas 15:53 23 Apr 03

... hmm...

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:02 23 Apr 03

Here is something that has happened:

click here

  3Toed 16:04 23 Apr 03

Not a problem with 'Vapochill' Pcs- ;-)
totally immune.

  -pops- 16:05 23 Apr 03

Isn't it that most components are made in Taiwan rather than the Chinese mainland? I've not heard that there is any special problem there.

Also bear in mind that the number of people diagnosed with the disease worldwide is extremely small (so far). Compared against the number of people dying daily from the results of tobacco smoking or car accidents should put the current risks from SARS in perspective. This, of course, may change.


  3Toed 16:13 23 Apr 03

On a more serious note,I think until the world health organisation understands the situation better,nobody knows yet what effect the virus will cause on populations,if any,let alone pc component trade supplies from China and bordering countries.

  -pops- 16:24 23 Apr 03

I didn't think there was anything less than serious in my response!;-))


  3Toed 16:32 23 Apr 03

No,didnt mean to insinuate,i quite agree,its just that sometimes i think we often overlook the basic problem and the possibilities of something like this,with our daily 'diets of world consumerism'-sorry getting heavy here
Utter gibberish!forget that-i think/hope you know what i mean.

  Legolas 17:27 23 Apr 03

Well I,m not sure how it will affect the PC industry but Friends of mine who were paying for me to go with them and their daughter to China for a holiday have just cancelled. So SARS has done me out of a free holiday :-(

  Belatucadrus 17:50 23 Apr 03

click here for a disturbing historical note from the not too distant past.

  Happy1 21:11 23 Apr 03

I have just had a peek at your Historical notes. Very interesting. I have also learned something. I just hope it is not an action replay.

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