joseph k. 20:46 02 Oct 04

Hi! Following a quick look at my system using 'sequoiaView', I have discovered a file called San_test.tmp. I know that it has somthing to do with 'Si Sandra Professional', which surely means that it isn't going to be troublesome. However, it's 370mbs. consequently I would like to dump it - I think it contains data from a previous 'Si Sandra Pro' test. The frustrating thing is that I cannot find it, neither can 'search', nor can I find it listed anywhere except on 'SequoiaView'. Does anyone know where this thing resides, because of it's size I thought it would be easy? Also, should I find it is there any danger in deleting it? I'm running Windows Xp Pro SP2.

  stalion 20:50 02 Oct 04
  stalion 20:52 02 Oct 04

sorry ignore the link it is no good

  stalion 20:53 02 Oct 04
  joseph k. 21:07 02 Oct 04

The 'mail archive' doesn't seem to reach any conclusion? Whereas 'Experts Exchange' costs $9.95 to join, although it is tempting because it says that it does hold the answer within. My credit card doesn't like that sort of exercise!

  iambeavis 21:15 02 Oct 04

"Experts Exchange" answer is at the foot of their page. You just scroll down to it.

  stalion 21:22 02 Oct 04
  stalion 21:25 02 Oct 04

do a search on yahoo for the above post I can not get it to work on here.I am not expecting you to pay for anything.Regards

  canard 21:36 02 Oct 04

Start-find-advanced gives you the option to find a folder/file by size.

  joseph k. 21:51 02 Oct 04

Thanks both, I saw the $ sign and left too quickly. Unfortunately, that hasn't worked either though. The file still looks out very loud and very proud. 'Experts Exchange' certainly isn't as friendly as we are here, is it? I'm glad I haven't given them any $s having read the entire thread.

  joseph k. 22:04 02 Oct 04

I have uninstalled 'si sandra', but still it's there. I think I'm dealing with something stubborn! No only that, but according to 'sequiaView' it has multiplied! I am now the proud owner of two of these files both 480 mbs in size. Consequently I'm restoring 'si sandra' to see if I can get back to where I was to begin with. I feel as though I'm being invaded!

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