Samsung/Seagate Secret Zone software

  IClaudio 17:33 21 Jan 12

Have just migrated to a new machine (forced by a dead C: drive) - I have a Samsung Story external 2TB drive, on which I created a password-protected partition for my partner's accountancy files. I used the bundled Secret Zone software.

Having lost the original software in the C: drive meltdown, I've downloaded the new version from the Samsung/Seagate site. But now, trying to access the protected partition, I'm told that it can't read the partition as it was 'created in an earlier version of the software'. AHHH!

Does anyone have a copy of this (FREE) software?


  robin_x 19:02 21 Jan 12

Wade through these

If you know it might be v1, for example, that may help.

Occasionally I will try and find old versions of software. It can take a while because most sites adjust their links to the new version. But not all do.

  IClaudio 22:01 21 Jan 12

Hi Robin

Yes, I too did the Google thing, and found most of these... unfortunately, all the links lead to junk completely unrelated to Secret Zone. Thanks anyway for helping!

  robin_x 22:08 21 Jan 12

Try the Seagate forums or telephone the Helpline.

I think they deserve a telling off for such an important thing. I hope other encryption software (eg Truecrypt) don't do the same.

Good Luck

  IClaudio 22:19 21 Jan 12

I have a support ticket outstanding now for 3 days...not holding my breath :(

WHY would you make something like this non-backward compatible? It beggars belief... and to not then offer an archive of older versions? Very poor...


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