samsung rv510 problem help appreciated

  ryansgigs 30 Jul 12

i have the above laptop from new and ever since iv had it the following have occurred...iv sent bk to samsung under warranty but been fobbed off with the excuse that its a software problem caused by myself and not covered under warranty when i open laptop and turn on it starts in widescreen format with picture filling screen but then makes a dink donk noise and adjusts itself to non widesreen with two black strips either side of actual picure...sometimes it adjusts and readjusts several times,sometimes it can go many minutes without adjusting before it actually does and soimetimes it readjusts back to widescreen for a while before going to the other setting also i can be on internet,then shut laptop or turn off but then turn back on and cannot connect to internet so troubleshoot which says that the default gateway or network adapter has been lost and it fixes [resets adapter ] so can go online but as soon as shut down again and restarts it does the same thing again... the laptop has been doing both these things almost from new and like i say samsung says its a software fault iv done myself but iv actually reformatted hardrive using the recovery disc and it was doing these things again pretty straight from new start up any help as to cause and/or cure would be greatly appreciated as would like to be able to send back to samsung if not a straight forward fix thanks mike

  Nontek 30 Jul 12

Can you check that the Resolution is correctly set to, and saved at 1366x768.

  ryansgigs 31 Jul 12

many thanks for wont let me change to that it puts up a grey box saying windows could not change to that resolution but iv applied the 1280 one below it and so far it hasnt doinked the screen different so maybe thats solved it

  ryansgigs 31 Jul 12

any ideas why i cant connect to internet and have to troubleshoot and it resets wireless network connection and fixes default gateway everytime i close laptop lid for a while or turn it off?


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