Samsung Notebook Model No NP-N130-KA03UK

  pippybuchanan 19 Dec 11

Hi. The battery on this slightly more than 1 year old machine will only charge to 80%. So we purchased a new battery, which will also only charge to 80%. Seems like there must be something else going on? Has anyone got any ideas about where to look now to get the battery up to 100%?


  sunnystaines 19 Dec 11

in the settings of a samsung you should have an option for preserving the life of the battery if you opt in it will only charge to 80% instead of 100% no idea how this helps but i have set my samsung to the 80% option.

  pippybuchanan 19 Dec 11

Oh thanks so much that is probably the problem. I do not recall opting in, but my human memory is a bit lax and it certainly would make sense.

A further question: I now want to upgrade the RAM memory and have seen memory card upgrades for an additional gig of memory advertised on line inexpensively - supposedly for this model computer.

Is it possible to upgrade this model which has only 1 gig and can be a bit slow at times? Should I go to Samsung for the chip, or can I source it on line from anywhere?


  onthelimit1 19 Dec 11

Best to use the Crucial scanner - that will tell what is fitted and what can be fitted (most netbooks only have one RAM slot) here

  sunnystaines 19 Dec 11

if you have a netbook speak to samsung support. i had a long discussion with them over updating from 1g to 2g of RAM and they advised against it as they were getting many problems with the net book freezing up on 2g of RAM. As a result i left mine at 1g.

at time of purchase pcworld also told me similar.

  ICF 20 Dec 11

I have upgraded my Samsung NP-NC10 netbook to 2GB and had no problems at all.

  onthelimit1 20 Dec 11


likewise, but perhaps the 130 doesn't like it?

  sunnystaines 20 Dec 11


thanks for posting that info, i will ring samsung & ask again.

  The Old Mod 20 Dec 11

I've upgraded the ram from 1gb to 2gb on my N150 Plus with no problems.

  sunnystaines 27 Dec 11

I have emailed samsung support to clear up the ram upgrade, await a reply.

is it just a matter of unscrewing the memerory flap on the base of the lappy and swopping the 1g ram to a 2g ram. not opened up net/lap books before.

  iscanut2 27 Dec 11

Yest it is that simple. I have done it with my Samsung metbook


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