Samsung mobile Software

  Johny C 16:01 07 Jul 04

Hi there

I have just purchased a data cable for my samsung phone, but when i opened it there was no software with it. i have had a search for some software but cant find any. I want to be able to copy my phone numbers to my PC. Is this possible and what software would i need

Anything free would be a bonus lol

ok thanks........ John

Oh my phone is an A800

  SANTOS7 16:11 07 Jul 04

click here this what you need, good luck

  Smegs 16:18 07 Jul 04

With the link from SANTOS7, download the software. It's what I use for my A800. You will be able to download songs, pictures and send text messages with this software. Aslong as it's connected to the phone. If you want to download ring tones, you have to look for MMF files. Or you will need a convertor. Don't leave the cable connected to the phone for to long as it drains the battery. Don't be fooled, as it looks like it's being charged. All the best.

  Johny C 16:19 07 Jul 04

When i click on the link it just says page not available

Thanks for the link though

  Smegs 16:27 07 Jul 04

Johny C, I've just tried it again, and it's working ok over here.

  Smegs 16:31 07 Jul 04

click here click the "Easylink" link. It will auto download.

  Smegs 16:35 07 Jul 04

click here=# same site as SANTOS7, but different page.

  SANTOS7 16:40 07 Jul 04

Have tried different links within Samsung site and yours included Smegs doesn't seem to want to play ball at the moment best thing to do Johny C bookmark site and try again later, good luck

  Johny C 17:34 07 Jul 04

Thanks a million guys,i have installed the software now, and went into settings, set everything up, which com port etc, but the status of the software is showing ofline, when i click on the phonebook it doesnt display anything

any further help would be appreciated

Cheers John

  Smegs 18:31 07 Jul 04

Have you got the phone connected via cabble??

  Johny C 18:36 07 Jul 04

Tes the pc is connected to com 1 and to the phone, i have checked the settings and it is listed on com 1, i have even swopped it onto com 2 and changed the settings to com 2 but still no luck

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