Samsung galaxy tab new user can't find MENU

  juliag 18:08 22 Jan 13

Hi, sorry , Ticked resolved on previous questions as thought this was how to reply. Can't create new labels or folders in email as have no menu button below screen. Also can't do multi/split screen as haven't got icon to do that visible. All the you tube how to videos and user manuals provide step by step instructions but I can't see the icons necessary to perform tasks. Hope I'm making sense . Thank you

  john bunyan 18:20 22 Jan 13

Have you downloaded and read the relevant manual? You can heep it on your Tab - which one is it BTW?

See Do use the Samsung site only


  john bunyan 18:21 22 Jan 13

heep = keep!!

  juliag 18:33 22 Jan 13

Hi thanx for helping . Yes downloaded manual from Samsung site. Manual says : To use the multiscreen function simply tap the multiscreen icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. There is no icon. And then when using email : Tap the menu icon that lights up below the screen(I know what I'm looking for in this case as I have a Samsung Mobile phone and can do it on that ). But same thing, not there on tablet. !!!!! :(:(:(

  john bunyan 18:37 22 Jan 13

Weird. I have a relative who has a 7" Samsung tab - I will ask when I next see them.

  juliag 19:08 22 Jan 13

Thank you so much for your help. :)


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