Samsung CLP-320 yellow dots?

  Breezer29 10:24 AM 09 Sep 11

im thinking about buying this printer but could anybody please tell me if this printer prints yellow dots over the page as most other colour laser printers do, thankyou

  northumbria61 12:12 PM 09 Sep 11

You might find more information here enter link description here

  northumbria61 12:19 PM 09 Sep 11

Further - There is a List of Printers which Do or Do Not Display Yellow Tracking Dots here enter link description here Your model is NOT listed under Samsung. Whether this means it Does or Does NOT I am not sure so can't advise - unless I find further information for you.

  Breezer29 12:48 PM 09 Sep 11

thanks for the response, ive seen that list before but as you say it doesn't state the info on the CLP320, maybe the list was made before the release of this model printer, if anybody knows of any other colour laser printer which is of the same price range and quality which does not produce these dots I would really appreciate it if you could let me know, thankyou

  northumbria61 23:23 PM 09 Sep 11

So as I understand your needs are that the colour laser printer you wish to purchase does NOT have these yellow dots ? However when you looked at that LIST you would have noticed this -

A "no" simply means that we couldn't see yellow dots; it does not prove that there is no forensic watermarking present. (For example, the HP Color LaserJET 8500 series does not include any yellow tracking dots that we can see, but it may still include some kind of forensic marking, since the majority of other Color LaserJET models do. Other forensic marking techniques have been invented, and we do not yet know how to determine whether these techniques are used by a particular printer.)

I hope you find what you are looking for.


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