same email received on 2 systems

  palinka 18:48 06 Jul 03

I have a desktop running Windows Me and a laptop running XP. Not networked. I use the same email address on both, and they share the phone line, so sometimes receive the mail on one, sometimes on the other. But today I received a mail on the XP machine then half hour later when dialled up on the other i received the same mail on that. Is this just a freak occurence? Would be useful to be able to repeat it!

  graham√ 19:35 06 Jul 03

Perhaps the email was re-sent?

  User-312386 19:37 06 Jul 03

leave the message on the server in outlook express so your laptop and home computer have the same info

to do this go to tools>accounts>single click on the account you want>now select proprties>then advanced tab

Now click on the box that says "leave a copy of the message on the server"

now both machines can have all the e-mails


  Tefal 20:06 06 Jul 03

Thanks madboy33®©, I've often wonderd how to do that.



  User-312386 20:07 06 Jul 03

glad to be of help

  mrdsgs 20:51 06 Jul 03

madboy has it right, as an extra refinement you can delete an e-mail from the server by deleting it from "deleted items" on one pc, it then should not appear on the other.

this little tweak is handy if you receive a huge attachment that you don't want twice, or if you start getting junk mail/spam or suspect an e-mail virus.


  palinka 22:15 06 Jul 03

thanks everyone.

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