Salvaging programs from damaged laptop

  br1anstorm 27 Feb 12

My laptop's motherboard was wrecked by a power spike (faulty mains-adapter). Fortunately the hard drive was undamaged and has been rescued: it is now in a separate enclosure and usable as a USB external drive.

The good news is of course that my documents, photos etc have all survived unscathed and can still be accessed. I have connected this hard drive to an old laptop which fortunately I kept as a spare.

The question is - how can I use, or reinstall, the few paid/licensed software programs which I had on the dead laptop (and which are still on the salvaged hard drive)? The main program I would like to retain and use is the Microsoft Office 2007 suite, which I don't have on the old spare laptop I'm now using temporarily, and which I won't have on whatever new replacement laptop I will eventually get.

Can I run the Office programs from what is now an external drive? I have been told that may not be possible. Or can I install MS Office from that drive into my old, spare laptop?

  robin_x 27 Feb 12

Probably, you'll need to find the install disks or re-download and re-install with the Licence Keys.

You could backup all the drivers on the working computer (eg using DriverMax Free capabilities).

Put the old drive in and see if it will boot from it (probably in Safe Mode). Install DriverMax again and restore the drivers.

Bit of a faff and it may or may not work.

As a workaround, use MS Office Starter 2010 or LibreOffice (both free).

  KRONOS the First 27 Feb 12

Provided you have your product key then you can download Office 2007 from here: Office. If you do not know the product number this might be able to get it of your attached HDD.Produkey.

  lotvic 27 Feb 12

Or if you have a different version of office2007 you can download it from official digitalriver links from this page scroll down to the English USA versions. You need your office product key from the install on old lappy.

  br1anstorm 29 Feb 12

Thanks to both Chronus and lotvic for very useful advice. I have the product key.... but rather than put MS Office on to my slow and rather heavily loaded old (spare) laptop, I think I'll wait until I get a proper new replacement laptop and put the Office suite on to it.


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