sunnystaines 21:06 02 Sep 10

left over from deletion of sage beta testing in services

is SAGE SData services

found it it "services" after seeing it listed as an error in event viewer was set to automatic.

I have disabled it how best to delete it.

  northumbria61 23:07 02 Sep 10

I would just leave it disabled - leaving it there does no harm, but trying to remove it may cause you all sorts of grief. Did you delete it from its folder (its own uninstall) or via add/remove programs in control panel? You could delete it from the Registry if you are confident in doing that.

  sunnystaines 07:18 03 Sep 10

I liked the program.But it is the worst ever program I have experienced for leaving debris scattered all over the hard drive after the uninstal.

despite using revo, regseeker, winaso regedit, and a manual scour of the windows explorer and and registry I still come across bits every now and then.

only came across this yesterday when i thought i would view event viewer not done that for ages and found the logs littered with this error.

  northumbria61 08:24 03 Sep 10

You appear to have tried everything - don't know what else to suggest - these things are sent to "try us" !!

  Pine Man 10:50 03 Sep 10

After I had finished the Sage testing there were files everywhere.

Following a backup I searched in the registry for everything called Sage and deleted it.

Nothing now left anywhere!

  northumbria61 11:52 03 Sep 10

The registry is usually the best place to "get rid of" stuff that is no longer required although a lot of people are frightened by the thought of going near the registry - maybe I was once - but not anymore - however it is good practice to back it up first then you can always "undo" should things go wrong.

Great result. Hope you are keeping well these days.

  sunnystaines 12:56 03 Sep 10

have you looked at your services list?

cannot find anything in the registry or windows explorer called sage.

search on sage reveals zero

  Pine Man 13:10 03 Sep 10

Nothing in services.

Just to be sure you carried out a registry search correctly - when you open regedit close all of the trees down in the left hand panel until all you have is 'Computer' highlighted at the top. Then select the 'Edit' drop down menu and then 'Find' and fill in the box.

  sunnystaines 13:57 03 Sep 10

good tip found some more leftovers

  Pine Man 14:26 03 Sep 10

Good news!

  sunnystaines 15:27 03 Sep 10

just rebooted after clearing more sage keys but the original problem still there

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