TBofEB 12:10 18 Feb 09

Would the use of the on screen keyboard avoid any keylogger trojan getting information

  recap 12:53 18 Feb 09

Yes it would TBofEB. Whenever I log in to my bank, or enter my account details online, I always use the onboard keyboard. As the keylogger name suggests, it is logging what you type via the keyboard not what your mouse is doing.

  gazzaho 16:21 18 Feb 09

I'm the same, always use the screen keyboard for bank use, I also only use a wired connection for bank details and ordering with credit card, I don't trust wireless, WPA2 encryption or not for those type of transactions. It might seem paranoid but better being safe than sorry.

  gazzaho 16:26 18 Feb 09

Another thing to be aware of is the use of a wireless keyboard, the encryption on them is next to useless compared to the WPA2 encryption for say a notebook to router connection. you can be typing away and someone next door can be watching everything you type with the right sort of software/hardware.

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