Safely Remove Hardware

  pj123 13:36 20 Oct 07

Every time I try to remove my external HDD I get:

"can't be stopped at this time. Please try again later".

Unfortunately, I don't want to try again later, so I just unplug it.

Not had any problems so far, so why do I need "Safely Remove Hardware"?

  Clapton is God 13:40 20 Oct 07

Assuming you're using XP and the external HDD is USB, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't simply disconnect it when you want, if you're not writing data to it.

  lotvic 13:41 20 Oct 07

"can't be stopped at this time. Please try again later"

I think that means that your O/S is still writing to it (probably the indexing) and so the drive is still in use and being read/written to.

  pj123 14:30 20 Oct 07

Clapton is God. Yes and yes. XP Pro SP2. HDD USB.

Shouldn't be anything writing to it at the time I want to disconnect it. It only contains mpg video files, I am transferring all my Beta/VHS tapes to DVD via this 250gb hard drive.

Once I have burnt them to DVD I delete the files off the HDD and disconnect until the next time.

  DieSse 16:05 20 Oct 07

A useful discussion and a number of helpful solutions here

click here

  Technotiger 16:08 20 Oct 07

I have never used used the 'Safely remove' icon. As long as the busy light is not blinking I just disconnect. Been doing this for years without any problems.

  pj123 16:17 20 Oct 07

Technotiger, snap.

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