Safe Mode Startup

  PanMan 17:57 24 Jan 04

I am not a technical type PC user so please be gentle with me. I have a Dell Dimension 4100 with Windows ME. I have in the past just for curiosity tried to start up in Safe Mode, but never suceeded. The information I have from the Dell help files is to press & hold Ctrl when the machine is 1st turned on, or some machines may require F8 instead. This has never worked for me. Yesterday I thought I would have to do it for real as I could not get it to re-boot after a crash, but it still would not work for me. Got round the problem anyway, but thats another story. Any ideas about what I may be doing wrong or could it be a bios setting problem if bios how do I access them to check?

  powerless 18:37 24 Jan 04

Try tapping F5

OR..."Enable Startup Menu" click here

  postie 19:31 24 Jan 04

on my computer its press f8 so now you have an option

  VoG II 19:33 24 Jan 04

USB keyboard? click here

  PanMan 00:51 25 Jan 04

I followed the link given by Powerless and one or two more from Google searches. I found that if I inserted a non-system diskette and booted when the Non System Disk error was posted I removed the disk and pressed F8 this gave the start up menu with an option to use Safe Mode. Doing the same but pressing F5 instead of F8 just started it in Safe Mode with no other options. I also found out about DirectX Diagnistic Tool this seems to suggest there maybe a registry problem associated with the keyboard (Standard Dell Unit)as follows: - Key 'HKCR\CLSID\{92817326-72B4-11d0-A1AC-0000F8026977}\ProgID'is missing. As I said I am not technical so at this point I have no idea, but I have found a way to boot in Safe Mode if it wont boot any other way. If you have any further information I would welcome it otherwise I will close this later today. Many Thanks

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