jgoatface91 18:54 10 Oct 11

I have spilt hot ribena on my laptop, is it safe to turn it on?

  lotvic 19:02 10 Oct 11

Not while it is wet.

  lotvic 19:05 10 Oct 11

Forgot to post the link, here it is

  robin_x 19:10 10 Oct 11

If it's in the keyboard, you need remove it and rinse thoroughly in water. Then leave it for upto a few days to dry out before refitting.

I spilt coffee on mine last week and didn't notice till next day. (I thought it just splashed the screen)

Esc, g, h and numeric 9 don't work. I haven't had time to fix it yet if it is possible anyway after leaving it 24 hrs.

Cheap PS/2 keyboard (+USB adapter) saves the day. On-screen keyboard is very irritating.

  robin_x 19:11 10 Oct 11

Also watch no liquid got in DVD drive. HDD is safe, it's sealed.

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