Safari browser

  mole44 09:05 13 Jun 07

Is it me or is the Beta version flawed,i`ve installed it 5 times on my windows XP machine.rebooted the computer and all i get are empty blank boxes with no chance to input any searches e.t.c. i must be doing something wrong.i hate to say it but i`ve given Mr Jobbs a chance i`ll return to Firefox.

  mole44 09:22 13 Jun 07

just done some research,seem safari has many problems with XP users.general verdict is not very good.seem like me you only get graphics and no text.perhaps the browser uses ESP to comunicate with some of us.

  Snec 10:15 13 Jun 07

Post for information: Safari is working fine on seven machines within our family. As with everything though, this does not mean some people will not have problems.

BTW, I don't think any of us will be using Safari very much, we're all Avant users because, for all of us, it is the quickest browser by far.

  davidprc 12:36 13 Jun 07

It is very much a Beta so you may find all sorts of issues. This is a promising browser but I would wait for more stable versions.

  Belatucadrus 13:06 13 Jun 07

So far Safari is the only browser I've tried that completely refuses to work on my main PC, it just can't connect, even with firewall disabled. I'm going to try it on the laptop, but combine it's complete failure with the inclusion of Quicktime, which I didn't particularly want and I'm not bowled over thus far.

  birdface 14:20 13 Jun 07
  cream. 15:22 13 Jun 07

It is working fine on this XP machine. Very fast.

  Smiler 15:11 14 Jun 07

Working fine on this XP machine too

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