Rural Broadband

  Mollo 14:26 09 Mar 08

My daughter lives in East Hardwick West Yorkshire, not a million miles away from Wentbridge exchange and BT have consistently said she lives too far from the exchange to receive Broadband. The dial up service is miserably slow. Are there any other methods of broadband service which will do the job.

  Terry Brown 14:30 09 Mar 08

try this list, it may help.
click here

  Mollo 14:49 09 Mar 08

Thanks for the quick reply Terry, the governing factor seems to be the telephone cable carrying the signal, how does one get around that problem? (BT don't seem to want to know)

  VoG II 14:51 09 Mar 08
  Mollo 11:46 12 Mar 08

Thanks VoG.

I've emailed the link to my daughter. Hope it does as it says "on the tin".

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