Running Win 3.11 on USB external drive

  Brainless Brian 09:09 21 Mar 05

I have Toshiba laptop running XP home attached is a USB external drive and a USB external floppy drive as the laptop does not have a built in floppy drive
My question is, if I make a partition on the external drive in order to run Win3.11
1. Will I be able to access this partition without creating a dual boot system?
2. Will Win 3.11 recognise my external floppy drive.
Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

  Brainless Brian 13:01 21 Mar 05

Thanks for the info, perhaps if I expand on what I am trying to do, another solution may be available.
I have a large number of Technics Music style disks
which are written to 720kb floppies, and what I am trying to acheive is read various files from different disks and then copy them to a new disk.
The reason for the original enquiry was because I used to be able to do this,with no problem, years ago when I was running an old computer with Win 3.11.Thanks again

  Diodorus Siculus 13:12 21 Mar 05

Will the external floppy drive recognise the old floppies?

  Brainless Brian 16:08 21 Mar 05

The external floppy drives does indeed recognise the floppies. When I copy a single file from the floppy to the hard drive and them copy it back to another floppy the action works fine but then the size of the file increases in size.For example a 2048 byte
file becomes 4096 bytes. I am basing this on the fact that when I click on the file properties, the file size shows as 2048 bytes but the size on disk shows as 4096 bytes. This appears to be correct,because when I load the file back into my music Keyboard I get an overflow error.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:33 21 Mar 05

It has to do with the File Allocation Tables and so on - FAT, FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS will use up a different amount of space for the same file size.

Can you copy the files from the floppy to, say, a digital media card like is used in a camera?

  Brainless Brian 16:58 21 Mar 05

Hi DS I have a digital camera and a card with plenty of capacity on it. Are you suggesting I copy from floppy to media card and then back to another floppy?

  Brainless Brian 18:39 21 Mar 05

Hi DS Great suggestion.I have copied files to and from a digital media card, and they have worked perfectly on my Technics keyboard. Many thanks BRIAN.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:46 21 Mar 05

Yes, that was what I was suggesting! :-) pleased it worked.

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