Running two powersupplys of one button

  TJ Macintosh 21:50 22 Aug 03

Can anyone tell me how to hook up two powersupplys together so that they both come on when I press the main power button on my PC?

I read something on this, but I can't remember on which site!

Thanks for the help.

  Gaz 25 21:55 22 Aug 03

Sounds smokey!!!! Dangerous, unless you are some electrician.

But anyway: click here

  TJ Macintosh 22:04 22 Aug 03

Nah I'm a modder, n I can sort of afford to destroy my computer stuff! Although I dnt set out on doing it!

I quite good with electronics, just need guidance, this is a soldering Job i think, I need something specific to what Im asking for, that article is a bit DIDGY. sorry Gaz

  tbh72 22:32 22 Aug 03

What about getting the largest possible power supply then using them doubler thingies!!!!

  TJ Macintosh 23:08 22 Aug 03

NAH, I have two PSUs already, so I know I read up on how to do it, but i cnt remember how or which site!

  BarryKeith 23:20 22 Aug 03

The safest method is to use a switch with double sets of contacts to control the PSU's so that you do not have problems with the electronic switching. Even two units of the same manufacturer can differ internally, so it's best to keep them apart. If you cannot locate a suitable switch, it should be possible to use a relay to do the switching, controlled by the front panel button, but you would need to find a power source for the relay.

  jazzypop 23:23 22 Aug 03

click here - better?

  TJ Macintosh 23:33 22 Aug 03

Thas a bit too PERFECT JAZZYPOP, thanks mate!

Any other suggestions welcome, although JazzyPop has done the business here!

  TJ Macintosh 23:37 22 Aug 03

JAZZY POP, if u look at the bit where it show a picture of the connectior that usually goes to the motherborad, there is a bit where he says "if it kicks in", does that mean if it turns on?

  jazzypop 23:38 22 Aug 03

Another site (simpler) - click here

  jazzypop 23:42 22 Aug 03

I am not an electrician or electronics expert, by any stretch of the imagination - although several members of this forum are.

My understanding of ATX PSUs is that they need a device connected to supply a demand before they will activate, or 'kick in' - a fan should suffice, but a load must be applied to each.

Do not make any rash decisions based on my limited electrical knowledge, though - you have been warned :)

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