Running temperatures

  Furkin 08:23 18 Jun 08

Just a quickie guys,

I am getting a slight ‘whirring’ sound from my unit and assume that it’s one of the fans (both about 12m old ?!).
I have just checked the temps and wondered if they are normal,,,, or normal enough ?

M.B 34c/95
GPU 47c/117f
H.D 30c/86f
CPU 51c/124f
Fan speeds:
Chassis 3310
CPU 1300
ACER T120 - 2gb ram - 120 hdd - XP Pro (SP2)- IE v6.
This is in my lounge.

Thanks for looking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  Technotiger 09:24 18 Jun 08

All normal - but a good internal clean-up is always a good thing, lots of dust builds up in 12months, especially around and on fans.

  Furkin 10:11 18 Jun 08

cheers again Techno,,,,,,,
I only noticed the whirring last night when I went to switch off,,,, & again first thing this morning - which is why I checked temps etc.
It stopped now,,,, but maybe my cheapo CPU fan is drying or something ?!

I'll check the inside for muck later,,,,,,,,,


  Technotiger 10:14 18 Jun 08

The sound could possibly be coming from your hard-drive. Make sure you have everything backed-up, just in case.

  Technotiger 10:16 18 Jun 08

Or again possibly, your PSU fan and Dust!

  Furkin 10:24 18 Jun 08

thanks - if it starts again, i'll whip the side off to see if I can determine where it's coming from,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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