running slow on single website

  wilco33 10:30 29 Jul 06

Last few days my computer has been running very slow on one particular website,its ok on all other sites I normally use.Have just run virus scan/spyware fullscan & CrapCleaner & found nothing.Can anyone help/advise please.Website in question is:click here & software for that site.Thanks.

  FelixTCat 11:03 29 Jul 06


If it's only the one site, the problem is likely to lie with the site. It may be having bandwidth problems or just a lot more traffic than normal.



  wilco33 12:05 29 Jul 06

Seems its more serious than that.I uninstalled the chess software then re-installed it.I'm on tiscali BB 2.0Mb/sec & was getting d/load speed of less than 1Kb/sec !I couldn't believe it!Think I must have a problem but dont knowhow to fix it! Please help someone..thx.(P.S.took 26 mins to d/load BlitzIn 2.5 chess program which is 1.3Mb size !!).

  Jak_1 12:14 29 Jul 06

Is the dl speed better from other sites? If so then it's a server problem most likely, pos due to high traffic slowing things down.

  wilco33 16:01 30 Jul 06

I have the same problems d/loading on other sites also so not sure where I go from here.Surfing the web I get normal speed,its just d/loading anything online & the chess site slowness.Appreciate any further help/advice etc,thx for responding.

  wilco33 21:30 01 Aug 06

My problem seems to be resolved tho don't know how.I thought it might be my local BT exchange doing repairs/maintenance but who knows? Anyway,my machine seems to be back to normal now so I'll close this thread.Thx for responses.

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