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  the kopite 11:51 16 May 03

I know this sound stupid guys but I am a thicko I mean thicko novice but could anybody tell me please how do I close programs on the start up and how do I close running programs in windows 2000 thanks guys kopite the thicko

  rawprawn 12:17 16 May 03

Go to run & type msconfig click OK then select startup tab you can then untick any program you do not want to load at startup, to close any progam running I think you will have to press ctrl alt delete together once, this should bring up the task manager( If you press 3 times it will shut down your computer) Highlight the program you want to close & click end task. I hope this is right for you I am on XP & it is slightly different.

  Pesala 12:30 16 May 03

On the Programs, Startup menu, several programs may be listed. These will run whenever you start Windows. If you know you don't need them, just delete the shortcut from the Startup folder. Right-click, delete.

To close a running program, Alter F4 or Exit from the File menu usually does the business. You only need to use Ctrl Alt Delete if the program is not responding to any kind of keyboard or mouse input.

  the kopite 14:27 16 May 03

I dont think you get misconfig in win 2000 rawprawn I got it in 98 oh how i miss 98 thank and thanks Pesal I,ll try both your sugestions

  VoG™ 14:31 16 May 03

MSCONFIG for Windows 2000 click here

  the kopite 15:24 16 May 03

Thank you very much Vog your a star the Kopite

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