Running low on disc space

  DAKAR 09 Jun 11

Hi all This one is for me I keep getting the message running low on disc space,I have tried removing programmes in control panel but I cannot see anything I would be happy removing The only heavy users I can see are service pack 1 and service pack 2 I am running XP sp3 any ideas as what I can do. Kind regards Dakar

  woodchip 09 Jun 11

First try running Cleanup

Cleanup Link

Then Go to Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore Click Settings and turn off System Restore to clear all old Restore Points then set the restore Slider to about 7% of the Drive

Now reboot and see how much free space you have, it should also create a new Restore Point by doing the above

  Strawballs 09 Jun 11

have you tried running Ccleaner? But if it is getting that low I would suggest putting in second drive they are not that expensive. If IDE


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09 Jun 11

As well as the above - remove all the MSupdate restore points from windows

Make sure show hidden files and folders is set - open the C:\windows folder and you will see lots of files in BLUE starting with $ - these can all be deleted to save hard drive space.

  DAKAR 09 Jun 11

Thanks so much Woodchip,Strawballs and Fruit Bat /\0/\ I will give your suggestions a go and post back. Many thanks kind regards Dakar

  kingussie 09 Jun 11

Could someone give me the same info for an Imac with OSX

  Strawballs 09 Jun 11


Start your own thread or you won't get notifications of answers and if anybody does Dakar will get them.

  DAKAR 11 Jun 11

Hi guys I have carried out the clean up operation as suggested and now showing 230 MB free space but still occassionally get the window pop up telling me I am low on disc space. I wanted to remove Sonic as it is using a lot of disc space but I get the message network error occured while attempting to read from the file c:\WINDOWS\Installer\My DVD.MSI If this is a windows installer problem how can I fix it Regards Dakar

  woodchip 11 Jun 11

Its not enough, you need to remove some Programs and reinstall them to a External USB drive doing a Custom Install

  DAKAR 11 Jun 11

Hi woodchip I am having a problem unistalling some programmes and I have tried to uninstall Java and reinstall it because I was prompted on BT web site when I tried to do a speed test but I keep getting the message internal error 2753.regutils.dll Could it be a windows installer problem once I get this working then I can do as you suggest Thanks for your reply Regards Dakar

  woodchip 11 Jun 11

Have you tried uninstalling in Safe Mode using Add Remove Programs in Control Panel


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