Running Laptop/PC through my Samsung LCD TV

  tdre 08 Dec 07


I have just bought a samsung 32" LCD TV and a new dell laptop. I am trying to run my laptop through the TV so that I can listen to my music through the TV. I have bought a wireless card to put in the tv, this did not work. I have bought a RGB cable running from my laptop to the TV but this does not work. I have tried putting the laptop in 'presentation' mode to run through the tv, but yet again, this doesnt work.

I have a similar prolem running my Ipod through the TV. I bought a special cable to run out of the headhone jack into the AV ports but the TV just doesnt recognise that I am trying to play something through it.

Can anyone out there help me????

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08 Dec 07

which samsung model?

VGA input?

  tdre 08 Dec 07

the model is an R7. I cant remember the exact code but it is the one with one 1 HDMI input. The later version has 2 or 3 I think.

as it is on the wall I only have access to the side of hte TV where it has an S-video port, and the AV input.

I bought a VGA to RGB cable, very similar to this one:

click here

  MCE2K5 08 Dec 07

For Laptop to Samsung R7 32" LCD TV,

You will need 1 of These, click here

And one of These, click here

Afraid it's gonna have to come off that wall.

  woodchip 08 Dec 07

Have you been to the Display Adapter in your Laptop????? you will need to set it, if you have the option for dual screen. Right click on empty Desktop on Laptop then click Properties\Settings\Advanced\Adapter

  tdre 09 Dec 07


Thanks for the advice (shame it's got to come off the wall though!). would the 3.5mm Male Stereo JACK to JACK allow me to play my ipod nano directly through my tv?

  Stonechatz 09 Dec 07

DVI (digital output) marries well with the HDMI input on a large-screen LCD TV. But! DVI was never designed to run audio, so by connecting DVI to HDMI you should expect no sound. A separate cable from SPDIF (digital audio out), or from the analog-out of your soundcard must be used - I am not sure what inputs your TV has ...

  MCE2K5 09 Dec 07

"would the 3.5mm Male Stereo JACK to JACK allow me to play my ipod nano directly through my tv?"

YES (Sound only), From the Nano's Headphones Port.

For Video and Sound you will need this, click here Connect to side AV input on the Samsung.

or this, click here (This goes in the Back, So it's off the wall again.

  tdre 15 Dec 07


the jack to jack cable has just arrived, and unfortunately I still cannot hear any sound coming from my Ipod. any ideas?

  woodchip 15 Dec 07

you need to right click sound icon in system tray near your clock, choose playback and tick the box you want to use

  tdre 16 Dec 07

I have tried ths woodchip, but the its as if the TV doesnt recognise that I am trying to input something through it. It is strange because I can play my digital camera through it and it recognises that instantly.


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