running internet without aol

  pejay1967 20:29 24 Jan 08

hi guys a question how to i stop aol from having to be signed on so i can connect to my wireless connection without starting aol software because at the moment it must be aol software running then open ie thanks guys

  Technotiger 20:32 24 Jan 08

If AOL is your ISP then you cannot stop it running if you want to go on-line.

  p;3 20:38 24 Jan 08

when you boot up and are ??off line, what happens when you click on your blue IE icon?

  brundle 20:39 24 Jan 08

Use the AOL Dialler. Look in your start menu and your system tray. It will connect without loading the AOL browser.

  K_elt 21:48 24 Jan 08

I have aol and don't sign in when going online. I thoguht that by putting the details into the router config (sign-on name & password)it was enough. When I start I just click on IE or Firefox and they go online immediately from the main desktop.

I have a laptop and another desktop that use the wireless connection to go online and neither of them have aol installed. I just click on IE and away I go. I use a netgear wireless router.

  Snec 23:32 24 Jan 08

I use AOL (since 2000) and don't even have AOL software on my computer. Not that there is anything wrong with it I hasten to add, I just don't have a need for it.

  rdave13 23:48 24 Jan 08

If you have a modem /router then it must have it's own screen name (+18) and password. Otherwise you'll get problems. The router logs in to aol so no need for aol's software at all as you'll be "always on".

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