Running a GeForce 210 PCI Express 2.0 on older motherboard?

  bbr620 06 Jun 13

hi, got an older type motherboard which is an Asus A8N-VM with the older PCI Express x16 slot on it. Installed the card and the system passes post but monitor doesn't come on and i just have black screen. Only has a 300 watt PSU which is stated as the minimum on the card specifications. Do i need a larger PSU to power the card as it is brand new. The card doesn't require additional power to run it as i can't see any 4 pin power molex on it so i assume it runs of the pci-e slot.

any ideas, thanks in advance

  chub_tor 06 Jun 13

Have you tried re-seating the card and made sure that the latch is securely locked down? Looking at the spec I don't see a power issue. Can you try the card in a different machine just to make sure that it is working?

  bbr620 07 Jun 13

thanks for the suggestion. yes i already tried reseating the card and the latch was in place. i also screwed the flange to the case so all was sitting flush.

  Chronos the 2nd 07 Jun 13

Did you get the card new?

Is this card replacing another one?

Possible PCI-E slot problem? I had/have a similar problem on a more modern board which does not power the monitor no matter what GPU I try, works fine with onboard graphics just not with a card.

Your PSU should be more than enough but if you can try a more powerful one it would not hurt.

  bbr620 09 Jun 13

chronos. no card was in slot, was using on board video but attemped to install card as i wanted HDMI out for the output

  Chronos the 2nd 09 Jun 13

Looking at your motherboard manual and you do not have to do anything in the BIOS to enable the GPU to work.

Can you post make of card? Does the fan on the GPU spin when you power on your PC even though you get nothing on the monitor?

  rdave13 09 Jun 13

Had similar problem with my motherboard. Installed an Nvidia card but the onboard was AMD. So had to connect the monitor to the onboard GPU connection so I could see to install the Nvidia drivers. After installing the drivers I shut down, not reboot, changed the connection, and it's been ok since.


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