Running big games on W98

  al224 10:13 24 Aug 06

I installed The Sims 2 on my W98 PC recently. Insallation ran fine. But as soon as i told it to run the game i got a message saying something about graphics card failure although windows still worked fine and I could see the desktop fine.

Any suggestions?

  brundle 10:22 24 Aug 06

is your graphics card on this list
click here

  brundle 10:23 24 Aug 06

graphics card drivers and directx9 here click here

  al224 10:23 24 Aug 06

nope - its not a new card i just got this pc for £100 quid.

is it time for a new card?

  al224 10:26 24 Aug 06

will be back in 5 mins

  al224 10:27 24 Aug 06

in the mean time can someone help me cause i found out theat the graphics card is built in to the motherboard. will i have tob change the motherboard?

  al224 10:33 24 Aug 06

im back - any ideas for new motherboard?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:41 24 Aug 06

i just got this pc for £100 quid.
the graphics card is built in to the motherboard

It is very unlikely that the graphics card will be capable of running games like the simms.

Also it is unlikley that the motherboard and CPU will also support these games.

That's why the game makers print a minmum spec require on the box.

Please give details of your system
make model memory etc.

Any one of these will these you exactly what is fitted in your PC,
Belarc click here
Fresh Diagnose click here
SIW click here
SiSandra click here
System Spec click here
Winaudit click here

  al224 10:51 24 Aug 06

Excuse me i dont know much i am only 12.

PC - Hp Pavilion

Memory 62MB

Hard Disk 14GB

do u need any more info

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:08 24 Aug 06

This machine will not be able to run any of the latest games and is probably not worth upgarding either.


  al224 11:21 24 Aug 06


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