Running an App. as a Service.

  daba 22:59 19 Apr 06

Does anyone have any experience of running an application as a service using SVRANY.EXE.

I'm on W2K, and the app. dies when I log-off and log back on again (I check in Task Manager - Processes).

I have the service recovery options all set to restart after 1 minute, but this doesn't happen.

I thought a service would run no matter who - (if anyone at all) was logged on.

Help Please, I want this service to run all the time, whoever is logged-on, or if no-one is logged-on.

  daba 20:15 20 Apr 06

^ for another try

  daba 19:04 21 Apr 06

The app. is United Devices, in a DOS window I used...

cd c:\Program Files\United Devices

INSTSRV UDService "C:\Program Files\United Devices\SRVANY.EXE"

I got the confirmation that the service was installed.

Then there ware a few Registry tweaks to do:-

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\UDService -> New Key "Parameters" -> ....

-> New String Value (rename to AppDirectory) -> set to "C:\Program Files\United Devices"

-> New String Value (rename to Application) -> set to "C:\Program Files\United Devices\UD.exe"

After Reboot, Ad Tools-Services, set UDService to "Allow Interaction with Desktop" on the Local System Account.

  daba 17:44 05 May 06

If anyone is interested in the outcome...

After various searches for Sevices, SRVANY, etc. I found the reason this happens.

In setting the service propertiy "Allow Interaction with desktop", this makes UD respond to "desktop-like" operations, such as Windows "EndSession" messages when a user logs-off.

Fairly obvious and logical when you come to think about it.

Turning the "allow interaction" setting off makes UD run as a service at all times, no matter who is, or isn't, logged on.

The only drawback - there's no taskbar Icon to pull up the programs information window, but the main thing as far as I'm concerned is that UD is running.

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