rundll 32.exe not responding

can anyone help me resolve this issue,some times on shut down i get the following message"rundll 32.exe not responding"it then does a countdown before eventually shutting down my XP O/S is bang up to date with windoes updates and various drivers etc,also adware,spybot & window washer(all installed in the last few is this a problem or a minor glitch

  ©®@$? 21:51 11 Jan 04

don't know the reason why rundll 32 is doing this but a possible way around this is this regedit

Automatically Ending Non-Responsive Tasks

Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\AutoEndTasks
Set the value to be 1
In the same section, change the WaitToKillAppTimeout to the number of milliseconds you want

hi ©®@$?
cheers for taking the time
did what you suggested but didnt find an option in regedit to "change the WaitToKillAppTimeout to the number of milliseconds you want"? Do you think this could be virus related(running McAffe now)

  ©®@$? 11:03 15 Jan 04

hi and sorry for the late reply, in all honesty i do not know if this is virus related but the rundll32.exe is part of windows.

if you are unsure update your antivrus and do a full system scan ,also do a online scan at click here

as for the WaitToKillAppTimeout , i don't know why you don't have it in the registry but i doubt that it is virus related

the tweak can be done without adjusting the WaitToKillAppTimeout anyway,just by changing the autoend to 1

cheers ©®@$?
i'll give it a go , found the autoend option in reg,unfortunatly im on the graveyard shift at the moment so it may be late tomorow before i can post a response-watch this thread!!!!
thanks again ©®@$?

Hi ©®@$?
changed them values as you said,havnt had a crash since so i guess im having more luck than the PCA site.thanx again for your assistance

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