Run replacement

  devonknows 18:21 02 Sep 07

Hi, i have a vb app that ive designed and its a run replacement (WinKey + R) (Start Menu --> Run) with more functionality etc etc. but i was wondering is there anyway to make it load my application instead of the defualt run window? would be most appreicative if anyone can help.

Kind Regards

  devonknows 17:04 06 Sep 07

nobody at all able to help me ?

Kind Regards

  brundle 17:07 06 Sep 07

Why not just use another key combination ? Launchy uses Alt+Space, SlickRun used some other combo...

  devonknows 17:11 06 Sep 07

that means that it would have to be loaded at all time in processes, wich means it can be terminated at any point not the functionality i need.

Do you know what file is executed to bring up the run window or is it built into the explorer? if i can find the file i can just replace it with my own.

Kind Regards

  Pamy 17:15 06 Sep 07

Hello devonknows, welcome to Planet Earth. Can you explain what a vb app is?

  brundle 17:16 06 Sep 07

Sorry, beyond me. Although it is possible to `run` a new instance of Explorer.exe when Windows crashes, so
it's not dependent upon Explorer itself.
Maybe Filemon/RegMon/Procmon will highlight the file/registry call you are looking for; click here
Find all three on the same site

  devonknows 17:18 06 Sep 07

vb app is a Visual Basic Application, tis a copy of the run window that has more functionality. :) Brundle i will check out that link now and see what i can return :)

Thank you

  Pamy 17:22 06 Sep 07

Thanks devonknows, totally beyond me, but I learn a little more every day. Good luck with your prog.

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