rugged phone choice advice please

  jtw57 15:23 PM 25 Apr 11

hello, i want to buy a phone i can use when i go camping and hiking etc, but dont want to spend a lot of money. dont know if i should go for the nokia 5140i or the Samsung M11O.

any advice would be much appreciated


  BT 16:59 PM 25 Apr 11

How about this.

1p Phone

Can't get much cheaper than 1p. If you just want a phone that makes calls and Texts. I've actually got one of these and its not a bad little basic phone.

  jtw57 23:35 PM 25 Apr 11

cheers for that, not exactly what i was looking for, wanted one that a bit more robust, but bought one of each for my sisters two lads, just perfect for them,ther twins and birthdays in two weeks so thats there presents sorted.


  Jollyjohn 19:45 PM 26 Apr 11

Samsung Solid Immerse is free on am O2 £10/mth tariff and is pretty robust

  iscanut2 20:53 PM 26 Apr 11

I agree re the Samsung. I use one and it has been dropped, covered in dust, got wet and no problems at all. Worth looking at.

  Forum Editor 00:00 AM 27 Apr 11

I know you said you don't want to spend a lot of money but.....

Take a serious look at the Samsung B2710 - it can be immersed in a metre of water for 30 minutes, is dust and shock proof, and is a pretty nice phone into the bargain. You can get one for around £100, SIM free.


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