281apple 09:04 AM 25 May 11

If I sent a Word 2007 document (somewhat long) which I saved in Format RTF to my sister who only has Word 2003 on her computer, could she not only read it, but could she correct the text I sent to her?

  wee eddie 09:49 AM 25 May 11

There is a Tool that allows Office 2002/3 to read and edit 2007/10 Documents, unfortunately I can't find my link to it.

So you first try sending it as a Word Document and see what she makes of it.

In answer to your RTF question. Yes.

  281apple 09:57 AM 25 May 11

Thanks. I've already sent a few pages of Word 2007 to her and she can read it but can change anything on it. Since RTF will work, I'll send the entire document to her in RTF. Aprreciate your quick reply.

  Eric10 10:31 AM 25 May 11

From Word 2007 you also have the option to "Save As" Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc).

  wee eddie 11:27 AM 25 May 11

Good thinking Eric10, spot on.

  Strawballs 12:30 PM 25 May 11

Office 2003 compatibility pack Download Details

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:32 PM 25 May 11

If you sent it as a .rtf rich text format she will be able to open it OK

and also amend it as long as it is not sent as a read only file (she could right click - properties - untick read only if it is)


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