RSS url

  Kate B 15:43 27 Jul 05

How do I find the actual RSS url for a newsreader? I've got a nice little Konfabulator widget that I would like to add various feeds for and it asks for the urls.

  timeteam2004 15:51 27 Jul 05
  Kate B 16:33 27 Jul 05

thanks timeteam, but that's not what I meant. What I mean was what do I need to fill in to my newsreader widget when it says "fill in url here"?

  powerless 18:33 27 Jul 05

What websites Kate?

We'll find em.

  Kate B 22:30 27 Jul 05

PCA for one! MediaGuardian for another ... thanks, Powerless.

  powerless 18:41 28 Jul 05

PCA - click here

MediaGuardian - click here [click here from here? ]

  Kate B 23:32 28 Jul 05

Smashing, Powerless, you're a star, thank you. How did you find 'em?

  powerless 18:50 29 Jul 05

tells me if it has found an RSS link in the page i'm viewing. So I click the RSS button in the address bar and voila!

Safari has the same thing.

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