naughtydevil121 01:05 19 Mar 05

roxio easy media creator 7

having probs recording to disc

burn to disk
no drive present

  Diemmess 09:36 19 Mar 05

Assuming everything WAS working until now?

Can you "see" the drive in My Computer?

Which Windows is your OS?

  gazza38 09:54 19 Mar 05

There have been two updates to Creator 7 since it's initial release.The first one version 430,I found to be more stable.The second update is a download of 120mb,so you would need to be on broadband,or do as I did and get a friend to download it for you.Maybe your drive will be recognised after the update.What brand/model number is your drive?

  naughtydevil121 09:57 19 Mar 05

on windows xp just downloaded update from roxio - it is now showing the drives and drag to disc is now working. whether i can copy slideshow and video on disc would be the next question

  naughtydevil121 10:05 19 Mar 05

thnx for the replies ppl - how do i get the burn button working it shows the drive and the disc but i cant click on burn - im tryin to burn a slideshow and and video clips

  gazza38 10:11 19 Mar 05

If after you have made your slideshow go to videowave.Drag the slide show into the stoyboard/timeline.You can also add mutiple music tracks and transitions (adding transitions will produce a lower quality slideshow so I don't use them).Next click on burn to disc.Here you can select a thumnail for your slide show and change the theme ETC...
The final product should play on most stand alone dvd players to view on your tv.

  gazza38 10:16 19 Mar 05

I have to sign off for now.I will check your progress later.

  kyprosman 01:22 20 Mar 05

Have same prob everytime I try to burn to disk. The only way round it is I have found is to do a repair of Roxio and then it allows you to burn to disk. Andy

  john-232317 08:28 20 Mar 05

How did you sort it ???????????????

  gazza38 08:35 20 Mar 05

Do you have any other burning software installed?
There may be a conflict.I have two different PC's,one AMD athlon system,the other pentium 4.
I have to use Roxio on one and Nero on the other.
If I install both on either of my machines certain functions of each program fail.
Although Pinnacle software seems not to conflict with either.
I had better results doing complete a uninstall /
reinstall,rather then using repair of Roxio.Run a registry cleaner after the uninstall,as some entries still remain.You could then try update 430 rather than the latest update(I had a few problems myself with the latest update).

  kyprosman 14:14 20 Mar 05

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