A row of Unknown icons above taskbar

  ponytail 09:37 07 Oct 12

On my screen at present on the bottom R/H corner above the task bar is a row of icons and will try to explain what they look like.There are seven the first is a small letter T on a green background the 2nd a small F on a blue background the 3rd I am not sure what the symbol is it could be a small G with a + by the side on a black background the 4th is the word IN on a blue background the 5th looks like the power symbol on a remote control it is red on a white background the 6th says YOU TUBE on a red background ansd the last is a orange square with three curved white lines.There is a X at the beginning of the row.Has anyone else had or got these symbols or knows what they mean.Thought it might be something to do with google

  rdave13 09:43 07 Oct 12

Is this on the web page or on the desktop? If its only this site then that is the links pop-up for different social media for PCA. If on the desktop then right click and select properties, should give info.

  ponytail 10:40 07 Oct 12

Hi rdave13 Yes it is actually on the web page and yes it only seems to appear on PCA.When I right click on it and then click on properties it does say PC Advisor and HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy.I do not recall seeing this before has it always appeared and do you get it.Not sure now whether it is on the web site because when I scroll up or down it stays there.

  tullie 10:56 07 Oct 12

Arent these shortcuts to Facebook etc,which seem to appear randomly?

  Sea Urchin 11:06 07 Oct 12

They are part of the PCA site and as rdave13 suggests they are links to PCA's pages on Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus etc. No, they were not always there - they are part of the ongoing improvements to this PCA site.

  Nontek 11:13 07 Oct 12

Sea Urchin

Hmm, for improvements, I would have put changes ........ though I know the back-room boys are doing their best.

  lotvic 12:32 07 Oct 12

Yes, it's the new pca bottom of page sticky Social Bar, though mine disappeared a couple of weeks ago and I've not seen it since. I don't get the red bar at top either anymore but I think that pca took that off. I haven't changed anything.....

  rdave13 13:14 07 Oct 12

lotvic, I might be wrong, but it doesn't appear now as we run spywareblaster. If you run under compatibility view in IE then it shows up again.

  lotvic 13:19 07 Oct 12

rdave13, right, that's prob why - I just take pca it as it comes (or not) these days...

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