Routers, are there any hidden costs

  14all 23:56 12 Nov 04

Are there any hidden cost's involed when running a router?

I ask this because when researching what router to buy, it seems that some come bundled with Norton Software, such as the Linksys BEFSX41 Cable/Adsl router.

This is mentioned on the Linksys on website, so do you have to subscribe to it? or can you just not install it?

I already run Outpost as a firewall as this dosen't conflict with a website builder I use like the Norton does.

But are there any more manufactures of routers bundled with software we are not aware of?

Any experiences of hidden cost would be most gratful to enable me to make my mind up about what router to by.

  fly2hi 00:03 13 Nov 04

my router has a hardware firewall built in. Not something you have to subscribe to. Norton's firewall and antivirus is a separate issue altogether, normally installed on your pc, so if it's bundled with the router it's just another way of getting you to subscribe to it. I can't see that you need it specifically with the router.
The only added cost is the electricity it uses

  14all 00:46 13 Nov 04

The Linksys model I was refering to has a NAT / SPI firewall, but they bundle Nortons in with it and say you should install it on your PC.

But do I realy need a software firewall with that type of hardware firewall?

Or is it as you said just to get you to sign up to it.


  computernerdiamnot 01:36 13 Nov 04

go for a netgear easy to set up and works wonders under sp2 and if you look around its bundled with a pc card or a adapter

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