routers and adapters

  suzy&clive 07:25 27 Jun 08

I've just bought a Netgear DG834G router and need to get an adapter. Is it true that I need to get a matching Netgear product, or can I buy any product?

  helen. 07:37 27 Jun 08

Yes you can. Make sure it is G or above.

  suzy&clive 07:50 27 Jun 08

Thanks for answer, appreciated. What might be above G, so I know what to look for?

  Quiller. 10:53 27 Jun 08

It is just the standard/speed of the router or adapter. Your Netgear DG834G is a G. The G on the end.

A and B standard is the oldest/slowest with G standard in the middle. N is the newer faster standard.
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