Router/Modem information

  23790954 23:38 25 May 07

Hi! there,

I have just installed a Netgear Modem/Router/
Firewall on one of my spare hard drives, as I am trying to learn as much as I can about computers.
Everything has gone fine, and I have successfully been on Netgears website. However I am now finding it impossible getting onto my own ISP (Tiscali). Would someone be good enough to explain what settings need to be entered in Internet Properties to achieve me getting onto Tiscali. I assume that as I am using a LAN connection and Router/modem that dial-up properties do not have to be enetered, OR DO THEY?. I would be most obliged if someone could give me the information I need. I am using Windows XP Pro.
Also my system is supported by full security, including firewall, (which I have turned off)
should I leave this turned off due to a firewall in the router, or are they both compatible.
Many thanks from an elderly pensioner to any kind person willing to give me the advice on the settings I require.

  fitshase 23:43 25 May 07

If you can get onto the Netgear website then you have a working internet connection. You should be able to get onto the Tiscali website.

  Dipso 00:30 26 May 07

Not sure how far you have got with this?

If you type into your browser address bar, this accesses your routers on-line interface then enter the username "admin" and password "password", you can then use wizard to set up your connection and enter your Tiscali username and password details.

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