Router without Modem...

  Boffin Boy 21:02 16 Oct 05

A simple question really...
If I bought a wireless router without modem and made one of my computers a kind of server with a broadband modem plugged into it could I just share the internet connection using ICS as I can with a simple wires network?


  Forum Editor 22:58 16 Oct 05

not the computer. Then plug both computers into the router. Then you'll have access to the internet on either machine without the need to have the other one running.

Frankly it's easier just to buy a combined ADSL modem/router and do the job that way.

  Boffin Boy 23:01 16 Oct 05

I know what you mean, (I was trying to be a bit of a cheapskate really!!!).

  mgmcc 00:36 17 Oct 05

To do what you want, i.e. run "Internet Connection Sharing" wirelessly, you wouldn't use a *router*. There are two options:

1) Install a Wireless Network Adapter in each PC and set up an "Ad Hoc" wireless network.

2) Install a Wireless Access Point in the ICS "Host" PC, a Wireless Network Adapter in the "Client" PC and set up an "Infrastructure" wireless network.

  Forum Editor 01:19 17 Oct 05

with doing it in the way suggested by mgmcc is that one of the machines must be running and online before you can access the Internet on the other machine.

You'll also consume resources on the 'host' machine, and certain things won't work - notably MS Messenger - on the second machine.

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