Router vs Xover cable?

  Ray5776 15:42 22 Apr 06

I have 2 PCs networked with a Xover cable.
As I was frequently getting "limited or no connectivity" on the client I bought a router hoping to improve matters, sods law being what it is I have had no problems with the Xover since getting the router (not installed yet)
I am tempted to leave things alone at the moment but wondered what are the pro`s and con`s of the different set ups.

  bremner 16:02 22 Apr 06

The biggest pro is that one machine does not have to be on for the other to use the internet.

The modem is connected to the router not a computer.

  Ray5776 16:25 22 Apr 06

worth doing then but raises another question, the setup CD does not show a modem (No printed setup guide). It is a BT Voyager 205.
Excuse my ignorance but have not used a router before
and don`t want to cause more problems. Any advice, tips or warnings wellcome.


  Ray5776 18:58 22 Apr 06


  bremner 20:23 22 Apr 06

The BT Votager 205 is a combined modem and router click here

  Ray5776 20:43 22 Apr 06

Thanks bremner,
I thought this might be the case but having examined the packaging box thoroughly it mentions everything else you can think of but no reference at all to a modem, hence my confusion.
I currently use an ASDL speedtouch modem supplied by my ISP Wanadoo, am I correct in assuming that I disconnect this now and use the one in the router?

  bremner 20:53 22 Apr 06

I must make it clear I know nothing about this device personally the link says

"The BT Voyager 205 Router was developed for 'Self Install' ADSL. It offers a complete package of ADSL modem and in-line Microfilters to ensure that fast Internet and your voice telephony are optimised."

That being the case then yes you can just swap them over. The new device will need setting up and you should closely follow the instructions.

  Ray5776 21:20 22 Apr 06

Thanks, I`ll give it a try and see what happens.

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