Router tip

  sunny staines 19:42 02 Dec 07

If you turn mains power off turn your router off first otherwise it will wipe all the settings [ideal if you have lost the password] but not in normal circumstances. Just learn that lesson the hardway.

Using LINSKY WAG45G their helpline confirmed this.

  Halmer 20:05 02 Dec 07

I have the same router and turned my mains off yesterday without losing the settings. I have done this a number of times with no problem. Just have remember to turn the router back on when the mains is started up.

  tullie 20:28 02 Dec 07

I turn everything off every night,no on/off switch on router,i dont have any problems with settings

  tullie 20:29 02 Dec 07

I turn everything off every night,no on/off switch on router,i dont have any problems with settings

  crosstrainer 20:32 02 Dec 07

Most routers (with the exception of linksys, and some netgear kit) Always retain settings, I do leave mine on (Dlink) but it's been off for 24 hours and still remembers what it is when re-booted.

  sunny staines 20:35 02 Dec 07

I turned off the mains electric on putting back on i could not connect to the internet after turning the pc on again. Rang linsky helpline they asked if there had been a power cut, told then about the mains turn off and they told me this is a common problem to loose all settings during a sudden power loss.

  Spark6 20:46 02 Dec 07

Have not had this problem with Belkin, Netgear and EchoLife modem routers!

  crosstrainer 20:49 02 Dec 07

I fear....Had it before on a clients network

Leave it on....It uses very little power.

  sunny staines 20:53 02 Dec 07

perhaps its just me, had a bad day today with the washing machine and the router.

  Migwell 00:55 03 Dec 07

My Linksys router was off for a couple of days or so while back when I decorated my computer room and had a new carpet fitted as everything had to be out of here. Mind you I had computer withdrawal symptoms, a bit like bad jet lag LOL

  Migwell 00:59 03 Dec 07

oops. Clicked on post response by accident. The router did not loose any settings. In fact when I put it all back together it seemed to work better than it had before it's rest

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