Router to switch to wireless?

  nabz123 05 Mar 11

I have got a Virgin Media connection (Superhub-modem/router combo) connected to a smart managed network switch. This is being wired off to different places.. and I wanted to know whether i would be able to stick a wireless router on the end of this wire.. would it work OK? Would i need to change settings/ buy something instead/additional to of a router?


  mgmcc 05 Mar 11

Yes, you would be able to connect a "Cable/DSL" router via its ethernet WAN port to a cable from the Network Switch. The router, though, would have to operate in a different Subnet from the main router, i.e. the third octet (number) of its IP address would have to be different from that of the main router to avoid IP addressing conflicts.

Computers in the two different Subnets wouldn't be able to communicate for "File & Printer Sharing".

The alternative would be to connect the second router via one of its LAN ports and disable its DHCP server. It would then behave as a Network Switch and Wireless Access Point, with IP addresses being allocated by the main router.

  Strawballs 06 Mar 11

If you have an ADSL Virgin connection why not just replace with a wireless modem/router or if cable Virgin a cable wireless router to connect to virgins modem.

If the superhub modem/router is one of Virgins new cable combinations then that is already wireless.

  dawood 19 Mar 11

You can check out this article to configure wireless router as access point click here , probably could help you.

  Strawballs 03 Apr 11

You have this ticked as resolved, may I ask how it was resolved?


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